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Volunteer Testimonies
Here's what former volunteers had to say about their trips:

"EMI is a strong witness to our home churches about willingness to serve others."

"I enjoyed working with and encouraging the interns to step out & design on their own rather than dictating ideas to them to just draft. I think it's an awesome time for them to learn their profession and be creative while serving others"

"The entire trip experience was very rewarding. I particularly appreciated spending time in fellowship with the other believers that volunteered and who are on the EMI staff."

"Getting to know the hosts and spending down time with them. is life changing and allows time for ministry, friendships, prayer etc. to be sown."

"We were well prepared with information before and during the trip."

...And about their project leaders:

"EMI staff were very helpful and available to answer any questions. I think as a volunteer, the process of preparing for the trip was easy. All we had to do was . just make ourselves available... Even during the trip, EMI staff did a lot to make things run smoothly and make it a great experience. I don't think I could have asked for more."

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