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Uganda (Gulu)

Hope Alive! Primary School

Primary School Master Plan
EMI EA Project 9189
August 27 – September 9, 2017


Andy Scheer

Team Needs

Lead Architect – An experienced architect to take leadership responsibilities in the site master planning and building design
Master Planner / Architect – to help with the site master planning, zoning, drafting and building design
Civil Engineer – to calculate water demands, assess water supply and distribution options and provide a conceptual design for wastewater treatment.
Electrical Engineer – to help address the site power needs. Ideally someone who is familiar with rural solar power design.
Financial Sponsors financial support is needed to make these trips possible. Would you be willing to help fund these trips with a financial gift?

Project Scope

Hope Alive! began in October 2002 with a clear focus on fragile families: children who still had caregivers but were on the brink of destitution as their caregivers did not have the resources to care for them. Caregivers were mostly unskilled women with little education, thus they could barely provide for their children’s daily food needs, let alone school expenses. At that time, Hope Alive! enrolled its first 30 students in Kampala and hired three part-time Christian mentors. Hope Alive! now serves almost 500 students and has 60 staff members.

Mentors from the local church worked closely with the children, visiting them weekly either at home or at school, praying for them, encouraging them, assisting them and their families when difficulties arose. Many of these early students have graduated from either vocational school or university and are employed full-time. Several have returned to Hope Alive! as mentors.

Hope Alive! is in the planning stages of developing a 350 acre plot of land into a holistic educational facility. In 2016 a team from EMI produced a master plan which included a nursery school, primary school, secondary school, vocational training facilities, and extensive agricultural land. Hope Alive! has strategically decided to begin their development of this land by building out the “primary school zone” as identified in the 2016 master plan. EMI is excited to re-engage with Hope Alive! in this second phase of the partnership by providing a detailed facility and infrastructure master plan for this primary school.

Mission Statement
Bringing the healing hope of Jesus to the hurting children of Africa

Vision Statement
To introduce children to Jesus Christ and help them grow in Him, to provide them with a decent basic education, and to assist them in acquiring a skill so they can take a strategic place in their community and impact it for Jesus


Approximately $2,700
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Other Project Information

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