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Uganda (Gulu)

I Live Again Uganda

Master Planning for The Potter’s House Trauma Counseling Center
EMI EA Project 9187
Early June 2017


Jim Jose

Team Needs

Master Planner and/or Landscape Architect – to help with master planning, zoning, and phasing of the 23-acre campus.
Architect – to help with master planning of campus and conceptual building design.
Civil Engineer(s) – to help design grading, drainage, and civil utility master plan.
Structural Engineer(s) – to provide structural consultation for new architectural concept design and ropes course design.
Professional Counselor – to walk alongside ILA in evaluating their programmes, and to help inform the design of the new facilities from a trauma counseling best-practices point of view.
Financial Sponsors financial support is needed to make these trips possible. Would you be willing to help fund these trips with a financial gift?

Project Scope

I Live Again Uganda is an indigenous ministry with a vision to bring hope to the people of Northern Uganda through holistic restoration and to live a life of purpose.

For more than 20 years Northern Uganda was ravaged by war. The Lords Resistance Army (a rebel army) was determined to overthrow the government during that time. Over 1.8 million individuals were forcibly displaced and over 30,000 children were abducted as child soldiers. The impacts of war still remain and I Live Again Uganda is focused to bring much needed healing and restoration to the region.

The ministry of I Live Again Uganda began in 2008 and currently has an office in Acholi Quarter of Kampala as well as in Gulu in Northern Uganda. I Live Again Uganda provides Trauma Counseling, Discipleship, Education Support, and Resettlement of families affected by war.

I Live Again Uganda has acquired 23 acres of land I Northern Uganda in the Atyang area of Gulu District. The vision for this land site is “The Potter’s House”. The focus for visitors to The Potter’s House is to encounter The Potter. As God is our Potter and we are the clay we must go to Him to find the healing from the wounds, scars, and needs in our life. Our identity is found in Him and at The Potter’s House we can be reminded of who we are and who we are called to be. We believe that healing will come to so man at The Potter’s House.

This multi-disciplinary Master Planning effort will seek to accommodate the following program on I Live Again Uganda’s 23-acre site: We will also develop conceptual designs for The Potter’s House first-phase structures – the Training Center and the Guest House.

Will you consider joining our team as we partner with I Live Again Uganda to design facilities needed to spread the living gospel through trauma counseling and truly restorative healing?


Approximately $2,500
More information on project costs

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