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Rwanda (Kigali)

Gate of Hope Ministries International

EMI EA Project 9126
Late February / Early March 2012


Philip Greene

Team Needs

Architect – to help with building design and site master planning
Master Planner – to help with the site master planning
Civil Engineer – for water supply and distribution and waste water design and possibly watershed analysis
Electrical Engineer – to help address the site power needs and building electrical design
Structural Engineer – to help with building design
Surveyor – to survey the 5 acre site, locating site features and topography
Financial Sponsors

Project Scope

Gate of Hope Ministries International exists to educate children, empower women with marketable skills, encourage the traumatized and heartbroken and equip church and community leaders. The ministry strives to create an environment where Rwandan and other oppressed African individuals, families and communities are equipped and empowered to live out a more spiritually fulfilled, economically stable, and socially connected life in order to holistically transform their communities and nations.

Gate of Hope Ministries International was born in the aftermath of the Rwandan civil war that started in 1990 and caused a genocide that took countless lives, left behind widows and orphans, and increased poverty in a country that was already poor. Gate of Hope started in 1994 to help people become spiritually, socially, and economically vibrant. The ministry's goal is to point humanity to the One who is able to give Hope for life (1John 2:25). This goal is achieved through spiritual guidance, and economic, intellectual, and social skill building.

Will you consider joining our team as we partner with Gate of Hope to provide a design for facilities needed to spread the living gospel through lay leadership in the Rwandan church?


Approximately $2,700 USD
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Other Project Information

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