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Our Vision


The vision of EMI is to glorify God by offering hope to the spiritually and physically poor.


EMI EA's mission is to glorify God by exemplifying Christ's love to the spiritually and physically impoverished of East Africa by developing suitable facilities. We partner with Christian organizations in the planning, design and implementation of building projects which directly and effectively meet the tangible and spiritual needs of the people they serve. We use our God-given technical and spiritual gifts to enrich the lives of the people with whom we serve.


The purpose of Engineering Ministries International, East Africa (EMI EA), the local office of Engineering Ministries International, USA is to further the ministry and goals of EMI in the East African Zone of the world. This office will allow for long term and short term teams of East African and Western design professionals to put into action Jesus' commission to "go into all the world" by serving the poor through offering their skills to ministries who have a full time and long term presence for the gospel of Jesus Christ in East Africa. Serving together we will demonstrate to the people of East Africa "the kindness of God that leads to repentance."