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"It has been a pleasure to work with EMI in East Africa. The internship has far surpassed my highest expectations in regards to the variety of work performed, the knowledge gained in construction methods (specifically East African construction methods), and opportunities for interpersonal growth. I have been, and will continue to recommend EMI to my (engineering) friends and coworkers back home. I will definitely consider joining EMI after I finish my degree."

"It has been awesome. I love EMI and the work we do it awesome. Seriously. I've learned so much, spiritually and professionally."

"I have grown spiritually, my understanding of God and his plans and love for us have deepened. I feel part of his calling me to EMI was so I could get to know him more and also have a deeper relationship with him that I had before and it has been an amazing journey that I hope will continue through my life even when I am away from here."

"I feel I want to stay and continue serving here more. I feel my time was shorter that it should have been, but as far as getting to know Him more and getting closer to Him I feel he has done that and it's overwhelming and very humbling at the same time. Just wish my stay here were longer."

"I really felt connected to everything that was going on in the office; the team dynamics were great. I was happy to have been given a lot of responsibility on projects because it really helped me to learn and grow as an architecture student."

"It was a great venue for introducing newcomers to the mission field. I really appreciated being given loads of responsibility and a high level of trust."

"While I was there, the needs of the people were very obvious to me and my primary and secondary purposes were clearly shown to me by staff members. I was given a good opportunity to find how I fit into serving others on a foreign mission field. The atmosphere in the office was very much like a family (which was cool)."

"It is an experience unlike any other to be fully immersed in professional practice in the developing world, and at the same time be fully immersed in ministry surrounded by the most knowledgeable and spiritually mature people I've ever met."

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