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International Applicants
Thank you for considering an internship with EMI East Africa based in Kampala, Uganda.

EMI EA offers spring, summer, and fall Design Internships to committed and active followers of Jesus who have at least three or more years of university experience in architecture or engineering.

This program allows interns to gain practical design experience while utilizing their God-given talents and abilities while, at the same time, directly serving some of the world's neediest people. You will have the opportunity to work with staff and volunteers with years (often decades) of experience to design medical facilities, churches, schools, orphanages, water or wastewater facilities.

Not only can you serve through your design, but you'll also have the opportunity to form relationships, get involved in the local community and church, and share God's love with others.

Please refer here for more information on application deadlines, cost, and program overview.

NOTE: THIS APPLICATION IS NOT VALID FOR AFRICAN INTERN APPLICANTS. If you reside within Africa, you must use the application found here.