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"EMI was GREAT! ... They were wonderful – partnering, sharing, building relationships, honoring the work and the folks here, providing their expertise (of course). Everyone was impressed, from the CI team members who deal with building and grounds, to leadership, to faculty, to students, to members of the DRC board."
- Congo Initiative

"It really is amazing to me that a group like EMI exists – providing high level expertise at their own cost to help African church and mission ministries with critical infrastructure issues. Ministries like AIC Kijabe Hospital ... could never afford the engineering and architectural consultations that a group like EMI provides. Having that level of high level expertise is one of the key pieces of the puzzle needed for us in the African church as we provide vibrant gospel ministry. Many thanks to you and all the team who give back the gifts you have been given to provide this incredibly valuable support for the kingdom of Christ around the world!"
- AIC Kijabe Hospital

"The team was very interested in our project, very focused and hard-working, and eager to please us."
- Music for Life

"[The] team spirit was manifested and there was [a] sense of commitment to the assigned task."
- Westminster Presbyterian Church

"The time, effort, and expertise that you have all put to this project is amazing.thank you seems so small to say in comparison."
- Amigos International

"Pentecostal Theological College is grateful for EMI's technical service in helping to streamline the College vision. We deeply appreciate the contribution of each of the members of your team that volunteered to come over. We must confess that your contributions are a long stride towards the realization of our dream. Now that we have defined it, then we know it, and when we know it then we can achieve."
- Pentacostal Theological College

"Usually when such a project is undertaken, either for a fee or as part of ministry like EMI, there are great promises up front and a continual battle to get what was promised. But with EMI it was just the opposite. You not only delivered what you promised up front, you did far more than we ever expected... and the quality of the work is unsurpassed.

On behalf of New Hope Uganda, all of the leadership and our children, and the children that will be cared for at Kobwin in such a well planned community, I want to say Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. I know that what you have done can only be done because of the love of Christ that motivates and directs you. You are the modern day personification of the parable of the talents. You are using your talents for the glory of God and the advancement of His kingdom. "

- New Hope Uganda

"I indeed praise the Lord for the matchless tremendous work you have done in putting together the perfect team that has produced this marvelous document. This can be none else but God working through you to finally bless the people of Sebei Diocese and Ngenge in particular."
-Rev. Moses Bushendich

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